• Acres:120
  • Lot Size:5,227,200
  • MLS:#20362

Offering 120 acres m/l of prime commercial and/or industrial development land situated west of West Des Moines, Iowa. The site has been designated ...

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  • Acres:6,042
  • Lot Size:263,189,520
  • MLS:#13792

Bismarck Ranch - Live Water, Wildlife, Recreation, And Good Cattle Country On The Plains Of Western South Dakota. 6,042 Deeded Acres, 640 Acre Stat...

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  • Acres:170
  • Lot Size:7,405,200
  • MLS:#20884

Offering 170 acres m/l of prime development land located within the incorporated city limits of Ames, Iowa. Situated in a rapidly growing area on A...

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  • Acres:199
  • Lot Size:8,668,440
  • MLS:#10315

199+/- Acres Of Vacant Land. 4,027+/- Feet Road Frontage On Sr 710 And 1,216+/- Feet Road Frontage On Se 59th Street. Mostly Immokalee Fine Sand....

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  • Acres:615.2
  • Lot Size:26,798,112
  • MLS:#21425

615.20 acres, m/l, located 4 miles west of Rippey on the south/west side of Redwood Ave.

Farm has 297.71 est. FSA crop acres with a CSR2 of ...

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  • Acres:196.86
  • Lot Size:8,575,222
  • MLS:#21190

Peoples Company is proud to present high quality Guthrie County farmland! This farm consists of 196.86 acres m/l with 173 FSA cropland acres carryi...

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  • Acres:400
  • Lot Size:17,424,000
  • MLS:#21703

Beautiful property for income and recreation. Includes a 2 story home, 2 bed, 1.5 bath, 1,560 sq ft. Pasture, woodland, river front (Des Moines Riv...

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  • Acres:314
  • Lot Size:13,677,840
  • MLS:#19763

Offering 312 acres MOL of productive Worth County, Iowa, farmland. Consisting of approximately 271.32 tillable acres and 40 acres enrolled in CRP. ...

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  • Acres:317
  • Lot Size:13,808,520
  • MLS:#20895

Diverse, Quality Farmland offered for sale in Marion County, IA. This property totals 317 acres m/l of individually distinct components, that when ...

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  • Acres:34
  • Lot Size:1,481,040
  • MLS:#13326

Unique Property That Was Formerly Genesis Youth Ranch Yet Zoned industrial With Rail Frontage. Excellent Location For Retreat, Rehabilitation Cent...

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  • Acres:153
  • Lot Size:6,664,680
  • MLS:#21669

153 acres, m/l, located three miles west of Rowley, IA on the northeast corner of the intersection of Iowa Ave. and Co. Rd. D47 (290th St.).
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  • Acres:78
  • Lot Size:3,397,680
  • MLS:#21723

78 acres, m/l, located 3 miles southwest of Walcott, IA, on the south side of 120th St.

Farm has 75.69 FSA/Eff. Crop acres with a 92.30 CSR2...

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  • Acres:305
  • Lot Size:13,285,800
  • MLS:#14046

Highly Productive Farm Land In Clay County Near Felton, Mn. 305.7 Total Acres Approximately 28 Miles Ne Of Fargo.

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  • Acres:149.8
  • Lot Size:6,525,288
  • MLS:#21716

149.80 acres, m/l, located 3 miles southwest of Chester, IA, at the intersection of Ivy Ave. and 50th St. The farm is on the west side of Ivy Ave....

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  • Acres:190
  • Lot Size:8,276,400
  • MLS:#21646

Peoples Company is pleased to represent Michael and Jillene Honold in the sale of their Greene County farm! The combination tract includes a total ...

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  • Acres:160
  • Lot Size:6,969,600
  • MLS:#20714

=Offering 160 acres of nice laying farm land just 4 miles southeast of Mason City, Iowa. The farm is a square 160 acres, 100% tillable and gently r...

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  • Acres:116
  • Lot Size:5,052,960
  • MLS:#21685

116.00 acres, m/l, located 2 miles south of Jerico south of 140th St. at the intersection of 140th St. and Odessa Ave.

This farm has 116.10 ...

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  • Acres:147
  • Lot Size:6,403,320
  • MLS:#21647

147 acres, m/l, located four miles east of Grinnell on the southeast corner of the intersection of 80th St. and 390th Ave.

Farm has 111.89 F...

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  • Acres:120.48
  • Lot Size:5,248,109
  • MLS:#21563

120.48 acres, m/l, located 3 miles southwest of Swea City on the east side of 70th Ave., just south of 400th St.

Farm has 118.70 FSA crop ac...

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  • Acres:43.13
  • Lot Size:1,878,743
  • MLS:#21697

43.13 acres, m/l, located three miles southwest of Gilbert/three miles northwest of Ames on the southeast corner of the intersection of N 500th Ave...

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  • Acres:200
  • Lot Size:8,712,000
  • MLS:#20390

200 acres, m/l, located approx. 7 miles NE of Floyd, IA on the west side of Shadow Ave. Farm has 55.21 FSA crop acres with an additional 54.36 acre...

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  • Acres:118.8
  • Lot Size:5,174,928
  • MLS:#21683

Peoples Company is pleased to present 118.8 acres m/l of high quality Dallas County tillable, pasture, and recreational land. The farm consists of ...

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  • Acres:55
  • Lot Size:2,395,800
  • MLS:#20665

55 acres, m/l, located on the north edge of the Muscatine City limits, on the east side of Hwy. 38. Farm has 21.91 FSA crop acres with a CSR2 of...

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  • Acres:149
  • Lot Size:6,490,440
  • MLS:#21426

149 acres, m/l, located 3 miles west of Rippey on the southeast corner of the intersection of 290th St. and S Ave.

Farm has 71.75 FSA crop a...

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