• Acres:296.56
  • Lot Size:12,918,284
  • MLS:#20541

High- Quality, Class A Soils 296.563 surveyed acres, m/l, located 2 miles north of DeKalb and 2 miles west of Sycamore. Property lies south of St...

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  • Acres:242
  • Lot Size:10,541,520
  • MLS:#20027

High Quality, Grade-A Farm with Future Development Potential! 242 acres, m/l, located 1/4 mile east of Sycamore on Lindgren Rd. Farm has 242.38 F...

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  • Acres:226.12
  • Lot Size:9,849,787
  • MLS:#20535

Good Quality Soils in a Strong Farming Community! 226.12 acres, m/l, located approx. 3 miles NW of LaMoille on the NW corner of the Co. Rd. 2550 E...

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  • Acres:124.12
  • Lot Size:5,406,449
  • MLS:#20538

Good Quality Soils in a Strong Farming Community! 124.115 surveyed acres, m/l, located 3 miles NE of Wenona, IL on the south side of N 10th Rd. at...

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  • Acres:229.87
  • Lot Size:10,013,137
  • MLS:#20628

229.87 acres, m/l, located 3 miles south of Hillsdale along the Rock River on the north edge of property. Farm is west of Ferry Road and north of ...

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  • Acres:208.12
  • Lot Size:9,065,533
  • MLS:#20064

Opportunity to own 208.116 surveyed acres of HendersonCo., Illinois, levelfarmland.The farm includes approximately 203.56tillable acres with a PIof...

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  • Acres:76
  • Lot Size:3,310,560
  • MLS:#19172

Very nice laying farm. Good soils and well tiled. Owner is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Illinois.

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  • Acres:70.25
  • Lot Size:3,060,090
  • MLS:#20537

Add New Property Property Manager 70.25 Acres, m/l, La Salle County, IL County La Salle County State IL Address E 7th St. @ Illinois Rt...

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  • Acres:75
  • Lot Size:3,267,000
  • MLS:#19564

Quality farmland in Boone Co., IL that is level to gently sloping. Waterways have recently been cleared and tiled.

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  • Acres:49.6
  • Lot Size:2,160,576
  • MLS:#19563

Nice lying farm near Poplar Grove, IL. Open for 2017 crop year.

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  • Acres:2,029
  • Lot Size:88,383,240
  • MLS:#20728

2,029 acres, m/l, in 9 parcels located across six West-Central Illinois counties including: McDonough, Hancock, Warren, Henderson, Mercer and Henry...

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  • Acres:579.98
  • Lot Size:25,263,928
  • MLS:#20765

Parcel 1 - 62.34 acres, m/l, located 3 miles NWof Herscher. Farm has 60.6 FSA crop acres with a P.I. of 130.4. Parcel 2 - 152.56 acres, m/l, lo...

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  • Acres:154.7
  • Lot Size:6,738,732
  • MLS:#20846

154.7 acres, m/l, located 1.5 miles east of Groveland, IL (1.7 miles west of Morton, IL) on the north side of E. Queenwood Rd. The farm has 144....

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