• Acres:224
  • Lot Size:9,757,440
  • MLS:#21133

Peoples Company is proud to offer 224 total acres m/l of productive Edgar County, IL farmland located in a strong area. Farm consists of 219.32 til...

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  • Acres:244
  • Lot Size:10,628,640
  • MLS:#21608

Peoples Company is proud to present 244 acres m/l of quality farmland located in Winnebago Co. just West of Rockford Illinois. The farm consists of...

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  • Acres:238.6
  • Lot Size:10,393,416
  • MLS:#21715

238.60 acres, m/l, located seven miles east of Clifton, IL, on the south side of E 2850 N Rd.

Farm has an estimated 233.12 FSA/Eff. crop acr...

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  • Acres:132.15
  • Lot Size:5,756,454
  • MLS:#21470

132.15 acres, m/l, located on the northeast edge of Low Point, on the north side of Hwy 24 (Co. Rd. 1950N).

This level to gently sloping far...

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  • Acres:138.29
  • Lot Size:6,023,912
  • MLS:#21724

138.29 acres, m/l, located in the northwest corner of Ashkum, IL on the north side of Co. Rd. 2600 N (Illinois Hwy 116).

Farm has 139.75 FSA...

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  • Acres:208.12
  • Lot Size:9,065,533
  • MLS:#20064

Opportunity to own 208.116 surveyed acres of HendersonCo., Illinois, levelfarmland.The farm includes approximately 203.56tillable acres with a PIof...

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  • Acres:144
  • Lot Size:6,272,640
  • MLS:#21644

144 acres, m/l, located two miles west of Peoria on the south side of IL State Hwy 8 (W. Southport Rd.). This is west of the Peoria I-74/I-474 junc...

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  • Acres:183.04
  • Lot Size:7,973,222
  • MLS:#21444

183.04 acres, m/l, located on the south edge of Pittwood with an address of 2051 E. 2400 N. Rd., Watseka, IL 60970.

Farm has 113.62 est. FSA...

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  • Acres:111.02
  • Lot Size:4,836,031
  • MLS:#21701

Offering 111.02 acres m/l of highly tillable, levee protected farm ground near Fults, Illinois. This farm consists of 101.49 FSA tillable acres car...

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  • Acres:76
  • Lot Size:3,310,560
  • MLS:#19172

Very nice laying farm. Good soils and well tiled. Owner is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Illinois.

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  • Acres:75
  • Lot Size:3,267,000
  • MLS:#19564

Quality farmland in Boone Co., IL that is level to gently sloping. Waterways have recently been cleared and tiled.

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  • Acres:53.63
  • Lot Size:2,336,123
  • MLS:#21581

53.63 acres, m/l, located on the east edge of Herscher, IL.

Farm has 47.94 FSA crop acres with a P.I. of 126.80.

Good-quality soils i...

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  • Acres:49.6
  • Lot Size:2,160,576
  • MLS:#19563

Nice lying farm near Poplar Grove, IL. Open for 2017 crop year.

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  • Acres:40
  • Lot Size:1,742,400
  • MLS:#21435

40 acres, m/l, located 3 miles southeast of Manteno on the north side of 6000 N. Rd.

This level to gently sloping farm has 40.04 FSA crop ac...

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  • Acres:84.31
  • Lot Size:3,672,544
  • MLS:#21548

84.31 acres, m/l, located on just southwest of the I-80/I-88 interchange in East Moline. Property is accessed from 193rd St. N.

Farm has an...

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  • Acres:49.14
  • Lot Size:2,140,538
  • MLS:#21665

49.14 acres, m/l, located two miles southeast of Henry, IL on the north side of Sandy Creek Rd.

Farm has 35.88 FSA crop acres with a P.I. of...

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  • Acres:60.6
  • Lot Size:2,639,736
  • MLS:#21717

60.60 acres, m/l, located three miles south of Champaign, IL on the north side of County Rd 1100 N.

Property has an estimated 50.10 FSA/ Eff...

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